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  1. Arena 3D Ultra Swim Cap - Silver
    Our Price €22.37
  2. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Black/ White
    Our Price €35.80 MSRP €39.16
  3. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Phoenix Red/ Rose Gold
    Our Price €35.80 MSRP €39.16
  4. Speedo Fastskin Cap - USA Charcoal/ Phoenix Red
    Our Price €35.80 MSRP €39.16
  5. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Pool
    Our Price €27.97 MSRP €33.56
  6. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Salso
    Our Price €27.97 MSRP €33.56
  7. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Black/Jade/Fluro Yellow
    Our Price €23.49 MSRP €33.56
  8. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Blue
    Our Price €23.49 MSRP €33.56
  9. Speedo Fastskin Cap - Violet/Fluro Yellow/Oxide Grey
    Our Price €23.49 MSRP €33.56
  10. Mad Wave Silicone Cap - Red
    Our Price €4.47 MSRP €7.82
  11. Mad Wave Silicone 3D Cap - Silver
    Our Price €4.47 MSRP €7.82
  12. Mad Wave Silicone 3D Cap - Navy
    Our Price €7.82
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Our range of FINA-approved swimming caps for racing have been designed specifically with the elite competitive swimmer's needs in mind.

These hi-tech racing swim caps can help to reduce full body drag in the water by more than 3%, using pioneering designs that combine comfort with an outstanding hydrodynamic performance.

Professional swim caps are available in a range of styles from leading and trusted brands including Speedo, Arena, TYR, MP Michael Phelps, Mad Wave and many more.

All these racing swim caps have gone through strict testing to get the FINA seal of approval, which means they are legal to wear in any FINA-affiliated championship or qualifier.

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